JOSIS' 10th Anniversary

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Table of Contents

JOSIS' 10th anniversary special feature PDF
Benjamin Adams, Somayeh Dodge, Ross Purves 1-4

Invited Articles

Trustworthy maps PDF
Amy L. Griffin 5-19
On the semantics of big Earth observation data for land classification PDF
Gilberto Câmara 21-34
Ontologies for geospatial information: Progress and challenges ahead PDF
Christophe Claramunt 35-41
Beyond spatial reasoning: Challenges for ecological problem solving PDF
Christian Freksa 43-49
Mining urban perceptions from social media data PDF
Yu Liu, Yihong Yuan, Fan Zhang 51-55
What spatial environments mean PDF
Thora Tenbrink 57-63
Volunteered and crowdsourced geographic information: the OpenStreetMap project PDF
Michela Bertolotto, Gavin McArdle, Bianca Schoen-Phelan 65-70
GeoAI: Where machine learning and big data converge in GIScience PDF
Wenwen Li 71-77
Grand challenges for the spatial information community PDF
Leye Wang, Ouri Wolfson 79-85
Spatio-temporal visual analytics: a vision for 2020s PDF
Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko 87-95
How well do we really know the world? Uncertainty in GIScience PDF
Michael F. Goodchild 97-102
Wayfinding and navigation research for sustainable transport PDF
Stephan Winter 103-107
Spatial data science for sustainable mobility PDF
Martin Raubal 109-114
Movement analytics for sustainable mobility PDF
Harvey J. Miller 115-123
Data-driven agriculture for rural smallholdings PDF
Kerry Taylor, Martin Amidy 125-135

Research Articles

An algorithm for the selection of route dependent orientation information PDF
Heinrich Löwen, Angela Schwering 137-165
Ontology of core concept data types for answering geo-analytical questions PDF
Simon Scheider, Rogier Meerlo, Vedran Kasalica, Anna-Lena Lamprecht 167-201
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