JOSIS' 10th Anniversary: Part Two and Special Feature on GeoComputation 2019

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Table of Contents

JOSIS' 10th anniversary special feature: part two PDF
Benjamin Adams, Somayeh Dodge, Ross Purves 1-4

Invited Articles

Cartographic generalization PDF
Monika Sester 5-11
Thinking spatial PDF
Mohamed F. Mokbel 13-24
Integrated science of movement PDF
Urška Demšar, Jed A. Long, Katarzyna Siła-Nowicka 25-31
From spatial to platial - the role and future of immersive technologies in the spatial sciences PDF
Alexander Klippel 33-45
Why are events important and how to compute them in geospatial research? PDF
May Yuan 47-61
Inferring movement patterns from geometric similarity PDF
Maike Buchin, Carola Wenk 63-69
Indigeneity and spatial information science PDF
Matt Duckham, Serene Ho 71-82
Local modeling: one size does not fit all PDF
A. Stewart Fotheringham 83-87
Big issues for big data: challenges for critical spatial data analytics PDF
Chris Brunsdon, Alexis Comber 89-98

Research Articles

Route schematization with landmarks PDF
Marcelo de Lima Galvão, Jakub Krukar, Martin Nöllenburg, Angela Schwering 99-136
Modeling orebody structures: Block merging algorithms and block model spatial restructuring strategies given mesh surfaces of geological boundaries PDF Supplementary material
Raymond Leung 137-174

Special Feature Editorial

GeoComputation 2019 special feature PDF
Antoni Moore, Mark Gahegan 175-176

Special Feature Research Articles

How does socio-economic and demographic dissimilarity determine physical and virtual segregation? PDF
Michael Dorman, Tal Svoray, Itai Kloog 177-202
The impact of urban road network morphology on pedestrian wayfinding behavior PDF
Debjit Bhowmick, Stephan Winter, Mark Stevenson, Peter Vortisch 203-228
Service quality monitoring in confined spaces through mining Twitter data PDF
Mohammad Masoud Rahimi, Elham Naghizade, Mark Stevenson, Stephan Winter 229-261

Letters to the Editors

Don’t forget about geography PDF
Micah L. Brachman 263-266
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