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No 16 (2018): Special Feature on 25th GIS Research UK (GISRUK) conference

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

A grounding-based ontology of data quality measures PDF
Franz-Benjamin Mocnik, Amin Mobasheri, Luisa Griesbaum, Melanie Eckle, Clemens Jacobs, Carolin Klonner 1-25
Parameter-free aggregation of value functions from multiple experts and uncertainty assessment in multi-criteria evaluation PDF
Benjamin Rohrbach, Robert Weibel, Patrick Laube 27-51

Special Feature Editorial

25 Years of GISRUK PDF
Jonny Huck 53-56

Special Feature Research Articles

Determining the optimal spatial and temporal thresholds that maximize the predictive accuracy of the prospective space-time scan statistic (PSTSS) hotspot method PDF
Monsuru Adepeju, Andrew Evans 57-84
Modeling movement probabilities within heterogeneous spatial fields PDF
Jed A Long 85-116
Locally-varying explanations behind the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union PDF
Roger Beecham, Aidan Slingsby, Chris Brunsdon 117-136
Using mobility data as proxy for measuring urban vitality PDF
Patrizia Sulis, Ed Manley, Chen Zhong, Michael Batty 137-162
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