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No 17 (2018): Special Feature on Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Towards place-based exploration of Instagram: Using co-design to develop an interdisciplinary geovisualization prototype PDF
Catherine Emma Jones, Daniele Guido, Marta Severo 1-30
Georeferencing places from collective human descriptions using place graphs PDF
Hao Chen, Stephan Winter, Maria Vasardani 31-62
Hyper-local geographically weighted regression: extending GWR through local model selection and local bandwidth optimization PDF
Alexis Comber, Yunqiang Wang, Yihe Lu, Xingchang Zhang, Paul Harris 63-84

Special Feature Editorial

Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience PDF
Margarita Kokla, Eric Guilbert, Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi 85-86

Special Feature Research Articles

Towards harmonizing property measurement standards PDF
Abdullah Kara, Volkan Çağdaş, Ümit Işıkdağ, Bülent Onur Turan 87-119

Community Activities

Considering the non-programming geographer's perspective when designing extracurricular introductory computer programming workshops PDF
Thomas R Etherington 121-131
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