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No 19 (2019): Special Feature on Geospatial Privacy and Security

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Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Ross Purves, Benjamin Adams 1-2

Research Articles

MethOSM: a methodology for computing composite indicators derived from OpenStreetMap data PDF
Dumitru Roman, Tatiana Tarasova, Javier Paniagua 3-27
Identifying the use of a park based on clusters of visitors' movements from mobile phone data PDF
Roberto Pierdicca, Marina Paolanti, Raffaele Vaira, Ernesto Marcheggiani, Eva Savina Malinverni, Emanuele Frontoni 29-52

Special Feature Editorial

Geospatial Privacy and Security PDF
Grant McKenzie, Carsten Ke├čler, Clio Andris 53-55

Special Feature Research Articles

Privacy, Space and Time: a Survey on Privacy-Preserving Continuous Data Publishing PDF
Manos Katsomallos, Katerina Tzompanaki, Dimitris Kotzinos 57-103
Exploring the effectiveness of geomasking techniques for protecting the geoprivacy of Twitter users PDF
Song Gao, Jinmeng Rao, Xinyi Liu, Yuhao Kang, Qunying Huang, Joseph App 105-129
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