Issue Title
No 17 (2018): Special Feature on Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience Details   PDF
Margarita Kokla, Eric Guilbert, Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi
No 21 (2020): JOSIS' 10th Anniversary: Part Two and Special Feature on GeoComputation 2019 Cartographic generalization Abstract   PDF
Monika Sester
Discussion Forum Characterizing road networks around a railway station by applying directional statistics to the distribution of road link orientations Abstract   PDF
Wataru Nakanishi, Kota Nagasaki, Yasuo Asakura
No 14 (2017) Cognitively plausible representations for the alignment of sketch and geo-referenced maps Abstract   PDF
Sahib Jan, Angela Schwering, Carl Schultz, Malumbo Chaka Chipofya
Discussion Forum Comparison of weighted sum and weighted product model in identifying (personalized) landmarks Abstract   PDF
Eva Nuhn, Sabine Timpf
No 4 (2012) Computationally determining the salience of decision points for real-time wayfinding support Abstract   PDF
Makoto Takemiya, Toru Ishikawa
No 3 (2011) Connect the dot: Computing feed-links for network extension Abstract   PDF
Boris Aronov, Kevin Buchin, Maike Buchin, Bart Jansen, Tom de Jong, Marc van Kreveld, Maarten Loffler, Jun Luo, Rodrigo I. Silveira, Bettina Speckmann
No 17 (2018): Special Feature on Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience Considering the non-programming geographer's perspective when designing extracurricular introductory computer programming workshops Abstract   PDF
Thomas R Etherington
No 12 (2016) Creating the 2011 area classification for output areas (2011 OAC) Abstract   PDF
Christopher G Gale, Alexander D Singleton, Andrew G Bates, Paul A Longley
No 4 (2012) CyberGIS - Toward synergistic advancement of cyberinfrastructure and GIScience: A workshop summary Abstract   PDF
Shaowen Wang, Nancy R. Wilkins-Diehr, Timothy L. Nyerges
No 20 (2020): JOSIS' 10th Anniversary Data-driven agriculture for rural smallholdings Abstract   PDF
Kerry Taylor, Martin Amidy
Discussion Forum Deconstruction of geo-analytical questions in terms of measures, supports, and spatio-temporal extents Abstract   PDF
Enkhbold Nyamsuren, Haiqi Xu, Simon Scheider, Eric J Top, Niels Steenbergen
Discussion Forum Deriving Topological Relations from Topologically Augmented Direction Relation Matrices Abstract   PDF
Matthew P. Dube
No 16 (2018): Special Feature on 25th GIS Research UK (GISRUK) conference Determining the optimal spatial and temporal thresholds that maximize the predictive accuracy of the prospective space-time scan statistic (PSTSS) hotspot method Abstract   PDF
Monsuru Adepeju, Andrew Evans
No 11 (2015) Development and evaluation of a geographic information retrieval system using fine grained toponyms Abstract   PDF
Damien Palacio, Curdin Derungs, Ross Purves
No 18 (2019) Discovery of topological constraints on spatial object classes using a refined topological model Abstract   PDF
Ivan Majic, Elham Naghizade, Stephan Winter, Martin Tomko
No 8 (2014): Special feature on Open Source Geospatial Education and Research Dissemination and geovisualization of territorial entities' history Abstract   PDF
Christine Plumejeaud, Eric Grosso, Benjamin Parent
Discussion Forum Does Time Smooth Space? Implications for Space-Time Representation Abstract   PDF
Neil Sang
No 21 (2020): JOSIS' 10th Anniversary: Part Two and Special Feature on GeoComputation 2019 Don’t forget about geography Abstract   PDF
Micah L. Brachman
No 1 (2010): Special Feature on Presenting Spatial Information Editorial Abstract   PDF
Mike Worboys
No 2 (2011): Special feature on Behavior Monitoring and Interpretation Editorial Details   PDF
Matt Duckham
No 3 (2011) Editorial Details   PDF
Jörg-Rüdiger Sack
No 4 (2012) Editorial Details   PDF
Matt Duckham
No 10 (2015) Editorial Details   PDF
Matt Duckham
No 13 (2016): Special Feature on Provenance and Credibility in Spatial and Platial Data Editorial Details   PDF
Matt Duckham
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