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Exponential Inverse Distance Weighting in Vector Rubber Sheeting.

Juan Alberto Pufleau-Correa


This paper shows that inverse squared distance weighting, the most widely used weighting method in vector rubber sheeting, is very sensitive to errors in the definition of control points. Since some degree of error is unavoidable, this method is susceptible to distortion in the transformation and is not particularly suited for it. After a true classic experiment with a series of univariate quantitative analysis on the main parameters and methods of the transformation, it has been found that exponential inverse distance weighting is far less sensitive to errors in the definition of control points and is proposed here as a more effective vector rubber sheeting method. Through the finding of this work, a formula has been deduced
and is also presented as an alternative to implementing this weighting. The formula uses the Range of the data and a residual Value to compute the Weighting of any given control point based on the Distance to the point to transform, in the relationship: w=V^(d/R)
It is important to increase the awareness of the consequences in choosing the weighting method and other factors, in order to improve the quality of vector rubber sheeting transformations.

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