Issue Title
Discussion Forum Exploring the utility of path analytics to make inferences about dynamic interactions between pairs of moving objects Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Miller
Discussion Forum Exponential Inverse Distance Weighting in Vector Rubber Sheeting. Abstract
Juan Alberto Pufleau-Correa
No 7 (2013): Special feature on Semantic and Conceptual Issues in GIS (SeCoGIS) Formalizing spatiotemporal knowledge in remote sensing applications to improve image interpretation Abstract   PDF
Christelle Pierkot, Samuel Andrés, Jean François Faure, Frédérique Seyler
No 14 (2017) Fundamentals of Satellite Remote Sensing: An Environmental Approach 2e Abstract   PDF
Luke Wallace
No 8 (2014): Special feature on Open Source Geospatial Education and Research Geo-social visual analytics Abstract   PDF
Wei Luo, Alan M MacEachren
No 20 (2020): JOSIS' 10th anniversary GeoAI: Where machine learning and big data converge in GIScience Abstract   PDF
Wenwen Li
No 3 (2011) GeoCAM: A geovisual analytics workspace to contextualize and interpret statements about movement Abstract   PDF
Anuj Jaiswal, Scott Pezanowski, Prasenjit Mitra, Xiao Zhang, Sen Xu, Ian Turton, Alexander Klippel, Alan M. MacEachren
No 9 (2014) Geocoding location expressions in Twitter messages: A preference learning method Abstract   PDF
Wei Zhang, Judith Gelernter
No 17 (2018): Special Feature on Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience Georeferencing places from collective human descriptions using place graphs Abstract   PDF
Hao Chen, Stephan Winter, Maria Vasardani
No 5 (2012) Geospatial images in the acquisition of spatial knowledge for wayfinding Abstract   PDF
Pyry Kettunen, Katja Irvankoski, Christina M. Krause, Tapani Sarjakoski, L. Tiina Sarjakoski
No 19 (2019): Special Feature on Geospatial Privacy and Security Geospatial Privacy and Security Details   PDF
Grant McKenzie, Carsten Keßler, Clio Andris
No 9 (2014) GI science, not GIScience Abstract   PDF
Andreas Christoffer Hall
No 1 (2010): Special Feature on Presenting Spatial Information Grain levels in English path curvature descriptions and accompanying iconic gestures Abstract   PDF
Emile van der Zee, Urpo Nikanne, Uta Sassenberg
No 20 (2020): JOSIS' 10th anniversary Grand challenges for the spatial information community Abstract   PDF
Leye Wang, Ouri Wolfson
Articles in press How does socio-economic and demographic dissimilarity determine physical and virtual segregation? Abstract   PDF
Michael Dorman, Tal Svoray, Itai Kloog
No 20 (2020): JOSIS' 10th anniversary How well do we really know the world? Uncertainty in GIScience Abstract   PDF
Michael F. Goodchild
No 17 (2018): Special Feature on Bridging space, time, and semantics in GIScience Hyper-local geographically weighted regression: extending GWR through local model selection and local bandwidth optimization Abstract   PDF
Alexis Comber, Yunqiang Wang, Yihe Lu, Xingchang Zhang, Paul Harris
Discussion Forum Identifying and modeling moving regions: A case study in deep-sea corals monitoring Abstract   PDF
Marwa Massaâbi, Jalel Akaichi
No 19 (2019): Special Feature on Geospatial Privacy and Security Identifying the use of a park based on clusters of visitors' movements from mobile phone data Abstract   PDF
Roberto Pierdicca, Marina Paolanti, Raffaele Vaira, Ernesto Marcheggiani, Eva Savina Malinverni, Emanuele Frontoni
No 15 (2017) Insight provenance for spatiotemporal visual analytics: Theory, review, and guidelines Abstract   PDF
Andreas Hall, Paula Ahonen-Rainio, Kirsi Virrantaus
No 8 (2014): Special feature on Open Source Geospatial Education and Research Integrating cross-scale analysis in the spatial and temporal domains for classification of behavioral movement Abstract   PDF
Ali Soleymani, Jonathan Cachat, Kyle Robinson, Somayeh Dodge, Allan Kalueff, Robert Weibel
No 6 (2013): Special feature on Web and Wireless Geographic Information Systems Interactive maps: What we know and what we need to know Abstract   PDF
Robert E. Roth
No 11 (2015) Invariant spatial information in sketch maps — a study of survey sketch maps of urban areas Abstract   PDF
Jia Wang, Angela Schwering
No 20 (2020): JOSIS' 10th anniversary JOSIS' 10th anniversary special feature Details   PDF
Benjamin Adams, Somayeh Dodge, Ross Purves
No 10 (2015) Knowledge formalization for vector data matching using belief theory Abstract   PDF
Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond, Sebastien Mustière, Anne Ruas
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